Monday, 26 October 2009

Blogging in the times of flu

Since more than half of my team is either in US, recovering from sickness or enjoying time off it ended up being really boring day at work. With only one QA person "Borrowed" from other project team there aren't enough defects to keep us occupied. That's why in desperate act of trying to do *something* I've googled "best Firefox addons for bloggers" and I found ScribeFire, which seems to be very nice indeed. It allows you to post to few blogs at the same time, supposedly supports the most populat blogging servicec (I only use blogger), has a rich formatting, preview and drag and drop features. All and all it's pretty nice thing to play with. Simple f8 keystroke and you can blogg your head off, or whatever it is that kids are doing these days.
The project's website contains (whaddayaknow!) a blog, and contains all needed infor, help and download links, see for yourself -

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