Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What do I do on the train when I'm too lazy to work?

Lots of people ask me what do I do on a train. I spend two hours commuting to London every day, and luckily I travel in comfortable, not very crowded train which route gets me exactly where I need to be without changing. So far I used to watch movies and TV series on my laptop, listen to music on the phone and read books i.e. do the standard stuff. I do a lot of reading about development and I'll prepare a short post about the books I've read lately. I do some coding as well as other work (writing emails, receiving emails and so on...). Last week I've decided to get all hip and trendy and start playing games. I did throughout research of gadgets that I can use and narrowed in down to those:

  1. IPhone/IPod touch - not really a mobile console, bu it's a hell of a gadget and they do make games for it. Discarded as too expensive, and not really what I need as a gamer (the games aren't very impressive, and no chance for playing any of my faviourates on that one).
  2. Nintendo DS - cool games (super Mario!), support for old snes games, remastered final fantasy series. What's there not to love? Maybe small screen and ugly graphics. And resolution that wont allow watchign movies or doing anything else except of playing Nintendo games.
  3. PlayStation PSP - now that's something. Good games, lovely screen, movies and internet browsing. Tekken 6! Pricey but not as pricey as apple toys, and you can get older models (psp 1000, 2000) at decen prices with packs of games and movies on e-bay and even amazon. Definitely interesting option, that I will ocnsider when writting the letter to Santa this year.
After all this research was done I had a list of things I wanted to do with my gaming gadget, and amount of money I was ready to spend on it at the moment. And than I had a chat with my friend, who is a long time gamer, and a retro gaming expert: "Well if you want to play Mario and rpgs and you've got your mac book which you drag to work and back home every day, why won't you use exactly that?"
And then he pointed me at ZSNES which is SNES (Super Nintendo) emulator that can be used both on mac and pc. There's a lot of games available to run on this emulator (they're called roms), and they are great games indeed: Super Mario World 1 and 2, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy series up to Japanese VI part, just to mention my favorites!

Check out this video to see the best ones.

Also visit the http://www.sydlexia.com/top100snes.htm to see a list of games with descriptions and comments.

I do admit it's a bit retro, and maybe not as hip as I hoped, but hey - maybe this time I'll finish FF6 (last time I got to the end of the world ... which is around half of the game :))! Besides last time I've checked retro was fashionable, so what the hell.

Check out ZSNES on project's Home Page and enjoy.

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