Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Google waves

This morning, I've finally got my Google waves invitation. Didn't have much time to play around it, but what I did manage was:
  • an IM-like chat with a friend that ended up little bit messy when I've discovered I can change her texts ... WHILE she's typing them :)
  • a mail-like exchange with a friend who invited me to wave, and was too busy to have a proper chat
  • new wave with working google gadget - frogger game :)
  • read about waves and RPG
  • looked at some public waves (lesbian, comic book, java programming and games were my search keywords f you must know)
  • crashed my Firefox while trying to trash a wave
  • played some more frogger
  • took part in poll - "Will you buy DJ Hero game?"- Maybe
All that just before and during lunch break! I plan to read "A Complete Guide to Google Wave" tonight, and play some more with public waves.

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